Why it’s important to choose a fast and safe hosting company

by Michael Peters on November 4, 2016

imagesChoosing the right webhost is an important part of your online strategi. You can save money on the webdesign, advertising, or inventory stock, but one thing you never should – is go for a cheap webhosting solution. For a personal hobby website, it might be a good idea, but if you run a business it’s almost never the right way to go. Imagine that one big customer who is server for your product or services, and is unable to enter your website due to downtime or slow load times, which you then miss out on? This does happend. A few days a go I had a customer calling me, wanting my help finding him a better hosting company and optimizing his server for better speed. He was selling premium kitchens which costs from 30.000$, and he had just been contacted on phone, but a customer who wanted to buy a new kitchen, and couldn’t enter his website. Luckily the customer had managed to find a phone number to the website, but he might just as well have moved on to another website and placed his order there. CHoosing a good hosting company, is just as important as choosing a good webdesign company.

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Server Speed

Just as a low downtime is important, the server speed is also important. Not only because it gives the users a better experience, and makes them less likely to shut down your page due to impatience, but also because it’s now one of the ranking parameters in the Google search engine. Having a slow website can now affect your ranking in a negative way. SEO is important for most types of business. It doesn’t matter if you like in New York, US or Aalborg, Denmark it’s still a must for most website owners. SEO is the art of optimizing your website and link profile, in order to rank better on the various search engines. Having a good userfriendly webdesign can be a ranking factore too, among the many other ones. Server speed is also an important ranking SEO factor.

There are several ways to get a better server speed. One of the easist ways are to implement a CDN (Content Delivery Network), which cache your content on other servers around the world. An example of this could be CloudFlare. Another way is to optimize the server itself, to support better caching, install more memory, faster drives ect. Finally you can also optimize your own website. Adding caching and minify options, reducing image size, adding compression ect. are some ways of doing this.

You can use tools like Google Pagespeed to check your current performance.

Server security

Another important part of choosing the right server, is security. Securify covers two parts, the first is keeping your data safe, which means that if your harddrive crashes, you won’t loose all your precious data. This can be done with various RAID systems, or external backup features.

The other part is prevent unauthorized access to the server. This is to prevent people from reading data they shouldn’t have access too, or to prevent virus or malware on the server. A good security program and keeping all of your server software updated is a good way to keep tihngs a bit more safe.

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