serverhosting solution for your webhotelMany of you might not have heard the word serverhosting before, and for most of you it really doesn’t matter as you will most likely never need one.
But for some a serverhosting solution might be more beneficial for you than a regular webhosting solution. The main difference between server hosting and web hosting is that with serverhosting you deliver your own hardware to the webhotel or dataserver central and they plug your computer into their internet connection. Because they don’t have to pay for your hardware you can ofte get a much better deal than renting a dedicated server. You control your hardware 100% which means if you need more memory you can just open op the computer, plug in the memory and you are set to go, rather than buying their own brands and have them install it which oftens costs 3-4 times as much as you can do it for.
You want a faster CPU, no problem, run down to your local computer shop, buy one for 300$ and install it, instead of having them upgrade it on your dedicated server for 800$. The only thing you pay for is renting the space your computer takes up, what it use in power and the bandwidth it uses, you don’t pay for renting the hardware like you do with a regular webhosting package. One place to find a good serverhosting is here at

So yes many times, especially if you are a hardware nerd yourself, then it’s much better to go with a serverhosting from your webhotel if they actually provide this service to their customers, otherwise just stay with the regular webhosting package as most of us mortals do.