Case: Kostumer og udklædning

by Michael Peters on August 21, 2016

Background for Kostumer og Udklædning

Choosing the right hosting partner is important. Something that the company Kostumer og Udklædning learned the hard way. This is their story.
In 2011 the danish company Kostumer og Udklædning launched their brand new website, a site selling tyroler kostumer and fastelavnskostumer to the local marked from their website
Now that they had spend quite a lot of money on their website, they figured they would save a little money by select a cheap hosting solution, they had seen some advertising for on another website. They signed up at the hosting company, and spend a few days uploading all the sites and configuring the site for Kostumer og Udklædning new website. As a relativ new company, they didn’t have much traffic on their site, and things seemed to be running just fine.

Growing their business

After their initial setup it was time to start drive some more customers to their website, and in order to do so they setup some Google Adwords campaigns, bought some exposure on relevant Internet sites, and had a small adverting printet in a local costume magazine. It seemed to be a good strategy because more and more people was visiting their website, and sales was picking up nicely. Everything seemed to be going nicely and according to plan. They even added advertising on many free blogs such as webnode udklædning and many others.

The problems begin

After a while Kostumer og Udklædning started getting more and more mails from customers who was having problems with the website. Sometimes they couldn’t access it, othertimes it was running so slowly that they simply gave up trying to place an order. In order to do something about this, they did some optimizations on their website, like decreasing the size of the various images and adding a caching solution to the core system. It wasn’t quite enough to solve the problem and with more and more visitors on their website, they realised that their hosting solution was to limited.
They wrote the hosting company asking what it would cost to be upgrader to a faster package, but didn’t get a reply. They had to write them three times before they finally got a reply, saying that the only way they would help them, was if they upgraded to a dedicate server solution, which was about 60 times as expensive as their current solution. So they hired a company to move their webshop to another webhotel, one could offer a package that would suit their needs for about 5 times as much as their paid now. A good solution except that it would take them a few days to move everything over and set it up, and then wait for the dns servers to learn of the new location. This caused a downtime of three days for their website.

Result of the changes

All in all – Kostumer og Udklædning have lost several thousands dollars on moving to another webserver, having such a lagging server, than many customers simply gave up.. All money that could have been saved, if they had choosen a proper websolution in the first place. I am sure quite a lot of companies have been in the same or a similar situation. You get what you pay for, and if you are using your website professionel, you shouldn’t be going with the cheapest option. If you want your business to grow, you need to take good care of it. Just like you wouldn’t buy the cheapest food for your body, you should go with the cheapest webhost for your website. Don’t make the same mistakes that Kostumer og Udklædning did, but find the right hosting type for your needs.

If you have full access to your own website, here’s a few tips on how you can optimize your server and get more speed out of it.

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